Benalla Nude Art

 Benalla Nude Art Prize 2014

Friday 11 April – Friday 27 June 2014

Value $50,000 (non-acquisitive)

Artists are invited to submit works in the Benalla Nude Art Prize 2014.

Benalla Nude is an award for a work depicting a naked human figure as subject matter.

To be considered for selection, entrants must comply with all entry instructions and conditions.

Key dates

  • Date of work: must be completed in the preceding two years
  • Residency: must be a citizen of Australia or resident with the 12 months preceding the closing date
  • Entry forms available: September 2013
  • Entries open: 9am Monday 13 January 2014 – 5pm Friday 21 February 2014.
  • Artists of selected works notified by Friday 21 March 2014
  • Delivery of selected works entries: 9am-4pm, 7-11 April 2013
  • Benalla Nude 2014 winner announced: 10 April
  • Benalla Nude 2014 exhibition: 11 April – Friday 27 June
  • Collection of selected works: 9am – 4pm, 30 June – 4 July

Instructions and conditions

EligibilityThe artist must have been an Australian resident in the 12 months preceding closing date for entries.
A competitor may enter more than one work.

The entry

  • must be on the official Benalla Nude 2014 Entry Form
  • must include a signed written statement by the subject acknowledging the artists intent to enter the work in Benalla Nude 2014
  • must include the $30.00 handling fee. Payment is by cheque or money order made payable to Benalla Rural City Council

Medium: oil, acrylic, watercolour, mixed media

The work

  • must be a painting depicting a naked human figure as the subject matter
  • must be in oil, acrylic, watercolour or mixed media.
  • must NOT exceed the size limit of 90,000 square cm (eg 3 x 3 m, 1.5 x 6 m). Dimensions apply to the actual work of art, not the mounting or framing. Exhibition wall height is 3.4 m, floor to ceiling.
  • may be a multi-panel work as long as the overall dimensions do not exceed the size limit above.

The subject

  • must be known to the artist and must be aware of the artist’s intention to submit the painting to the Benalla Nude 2014 Art Prize.
  • must sign a statement provided by the artist indicating they are aware of the artist’s intention to enter the painting and exhibit it at the Benalla Art Gallery and other institutions at the discretion of the Benalla Art Gallery.

Preparing the work for delivery

  • Must be suitably framed for handling. A stretched canvas is considered a suitable frame.
  • Must be clearly marked on the back with the artist’s name and address and the title of the work.
  • Must be accompanied by a photograph of the assembled work and clear instructions for its installation if it is a multi-paneled work.
  • Must NOT be wet.
  • Must NOT include any hanging devices such as hooks or wires.

Delivering your entryThe work must be accompanied by a completed, signed entry form, signed statement from the subject and a receipt of payment.
The Benalla Art Gallery will NOT pay for any costs incurred in the delivery of any entry, including freight, customs duty or import tax.
For entries arriving from outside Australia, competitors must list their name or the name of their nominated Australian representative (NOT the Benalla Art Gallery) as the importer of the work on any declaration made to the Australian Customs Service.
Each competitor is responsible for maintaining their own insurance.
Neither Benalla Rural City Council nor the Benalla Art Gallery will be responsible for loss or damage whatsoever, and however caused, to any work whilst in its custody.

Exhibiting the workThe competitor grants the Benalla Art Gallery permission to display the work:
1. in an exhibition of selected finalists for the Benalla Nude 2014 at the Benalla Art Gallery or such other venue as the Benalla Art Gallery may in their absolute discretion determine; and
2. at venues other than the Benalla Art Gallery in an exhibition of all or some of the finalists for the Benalla Art Gallery 2014, including in a tour of regional Victoria in 2014 and/or 2015.
It is the competitor’s responsibility to ensure that the original work is available for these purposes, whether or not they are the owner of the work.
Alternatively, the Benalla Art Gallery may display the work in an exhibition of works that were not selected as finalists for the Benalla Nude 2014 at the Benalla Art Gallery or other such other venue as the Gallery management, in their absolute discretion determine, in 2014.

Licensing the workThe competitor warrants that the work is original and does not infringe the copyright, moral rights or other rights of any third party.
The competitor grants to the Benalla Art Gallery a non-exclusive licence to reproduce the work in material form, to photograph, publish and/or communicate it to the public for the following prize-related purposes, and anything incidental to such purposes, by the Gallery, touring partners and sponsors:
1. marketing, publicity, educational and publication uses for the Gallery, the prize and its exhibition in all media, including but not limited to electronic/digital, broadcasting and print media, in perpetuity;
2. in a print exhibition catalogue for sale, with remuneration in the form of 10 copies, and/or an electronic form of the catalogue for sale, with remuneration in the form of one free download (subject to the catalogue/s being produced);
3. on a postcard for sale, with remuneration in the form of 50 copies (subject to the postcard being produced).
Permission to so reproduce the work must be conveyed by the artist to any purchaser of the work.
Where reasonable, the Benalla Art Gallery will attribute the artist as the author of the work and reproduce the work in full. Details of the work may be used at the Gallery’s discretion.

Selection of worksThe finalists for Benalla Nude 2014, and the prize winner, are selected by a judge or panel of judges determined at the absolute discretion of the Benalla Art Gallery management.
The winner of the Benalla Nude 2014 Art Prize receives payment of $50,000. This amount is in Australian dollars.
The prize are NOT acquisitive. The winning work does not automatically enter the Benalla Art Gallery collection.
The judges’ decision is final and no correspondence shall be entered into.
Finalists and prize winners will be announced to the media and published on the Gallery website at approx 12 noon on the same day. These artists will be advised beforehand.
Artists whose work is chosen for display will be asked to provide additional information (such as biographical details and a statement about the work) to assist with preparation of prize-related material.
The winning artist agrees to make themselves available for the purposes of promotion and publicity at times and dates and in places reasonably requested by the Benalla Art Gallery.

Collecting the workThe competitor is responsible for organising the collection of their work during the time period specified by the Gallery and must indicate on the entry form how the work will be collected. These are the ONLY options available for the return of works.
Competitors with works selected for display will be advised regarding collection dates.

The Gallery will NOT pay for any costs incurred in the collection of any entry.

If any competitor does not retrieve a work, the Benalla Art Gallery will give one month’s notice of the Trustees’ intention to sell or otherwise dispose of the work, by sending a notice by post to the competitor at the last known address or by placing a newspaper advertisement if no address is known. The Benalla Art Gallery may then sell the work and, after deducting from the proceeds the costs of and incidental to the sale, shall hold any balance for the competitor. If, however, it is the opinion of the Benalla Art Gallery that the work is unsalable then the Benalla Art Gallery may destroy or otherwise dispose of it in any manner they deem fit and shall be under no liability whatsoever to the competitor in respect of the work so destroyed or disposed of.