Future Exhibitions

Future Exhibitions

Helga Leunig – Mother Country
1st Oct 2015 – 22nd Nov 2015
Helga Leunig - Mother Country

Simpson GalleryFrom the well-loved, well-used tea cups which have survived generations to the old fenderless car body slowly disappearing into the vegetation, Helgas images are permeated with understanding. There is not just an overriding feeling of serene melancholy, but something steadfastly respectful in the ordinariness of her subject matter. – Cate Kennedy

Helga Leunig is a resident of North-East Victoria and this exhibition captures so perfectly the regions particular characteristics of foggy mountain tracks, golden fields of grass, flora and fauna and everyday inanimate objects.

To accompany the exhibition is a book, Mother Country: Reflections of Australian Rural Life with an essay by Cate Kennedy.

Image: Helga Leunig, Sydney Harbour Bridge and platypus, 2014, type C photograph. Courtesy of the artist.

John Twycross Collection
4th Dec 2015 – 14th Feb 2016
John Twycross Collection

Ledger GalleryThe John Twycross Melbourne International Exhibitions Collection comprises approximately 200 objects bought by wealthy wool merchant John Twycross at the 1880 Melbourne International Exhibition and 1888 Melbourne International Centennial Exhibition. This collection is a remarkable snapshot of late 19th century taste and style and includes examples of decorative, functional, and novelty objects and works of art exhibited in the Austro-Hungarian, British, German, Italian, Japanese, British Indian, and Minor Courts.

Prior to being donated to Museum Victoria, many of the works in this collection spent time in the North-East. Thirty-four objects have been selected for display at Benalla Art Gallery. They offer the contemporary viewer a rare insight into Melbournes first World Fair.

The John Twycross Collection is presented in association with Museum Victoria.

Image: Urns – Wedgwood, Classical Figures, England, circa 1880, ceramic Wedgewood urns featuring classical figures in salmon pink, blue and white, John Twycross International Exhibitions Collection, Museum Victoria, Photo: Benjamin Healley.